For our Spring 2020 Issue we will take submission on a rolling basis.

We are opening up The Hemlock Review to k-5 for Spring 2020. We want works focusing on this crazy time we’re experiencing. That won’t be all we use, but hopefully the bulk. We hope that by getting your creativity stirring, not only will we see some inspiring work from our students, but will help them with this uncertain time.Get it all out there – on paper, on canvas, whatever. Just get it out there.

Send your words, your art, your photos, your music to us!! Questions and comments should be sent to Works should be emailed but the Google form below is a must or will not be considered.

All applicants must use

this Google doc form

 for submissions.

Guidelines for ALL submissions:

Limit to 3 submissions. Visual art,photography, seminar post-writes, essays, original poetry, original fiction, and other creative writing is welcome. Fill out the form and email your work to Normally Keller handles the photography of art submissions but do the best you can, people. I can do some editing and cropping if I need to (Fitz.)

Other submissions:

At this time, we are primarily seeking writing and visual arts submissions. However, we will consider reviews of music and books as well as original compositions and other forms of creative expression. We even have an independent studies student who has agreed to perform her poetry via video. Follow the general guidelines above for other types of submissions, email