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Spring 2018

Jaila Brown, class of 2018
Chance the Rapper
graphite on paper

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Ezra Nichols, class of 2018
Last Thoughts
acrylic on canvas


Dakayla Parker, class of 2018
Pictures of Trash: Girl With Hair Ribbon, Dress 2 Express, After Lichtenstein
mixed media collage


Jamie Pouncey, class of 2018
Still Life
graphite on paper

Still Life.jpg

Jamie Pouncey, class of 2018
acrylic paint on sandpaper


Featured post

Savanna Wilkes
Child’s Play

image2 (3).jpeg

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Fisher Latham, class of 2019
America Land of the Free

Land of the free
The land that made you and me
The red, white, and blue
Who enjoy a good old fashioned barbeque
Where McDonald’s is the go to
But that is the portrait the government
Paints and portrays to you
In a lot of cases it’s do or die
And everytime I look around
I get chills and butterflies Continue reading

Featured post

Lana El-Etr, class of 2019
Dancers Warming Up
pastels on paper

dancers warming up

Ashely George, class of 2019
ink in watercolor paint on watercolor paper

Photo Mar 14, 8 18 41 PM

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