The Hemlock Review is an online fine arts magazine showcasing the creative expression of the students of Chattanooga School for the Arts & Sciences (CSAS). The Hemlock Review‘s inaugural edition was launched in Spring 2017.

The Hemlock Review publishes original short stories, narrative non-fiction, poetry, photography, art, and more in annual editions. Our mission is to produce a journal that reflects the diversity and depth of experience of CSAS students and the Chattanooga community while providing a forum for students to share their work with the world outside the walls of 865 East Third Street.

Why do we call our magazine The Hemlock Review?

In addition to the evergreen hemlock that you can see across North America, a completely separate form of hemlock is a highly poisonous plant that is thought to have been in the beverage that Socrates had to drink when committed to death.

According to Plato and other accounts of the time, Socrates was sentenced to death for, among other things, the corruption of the youth of Athens through teaching them to ask questions and seek truth in all matters, even when that meant challenging the government or religious authority in Athens at the time. A core tenet of the Paideia philosophy at CSAS is the use of the Socratic Method, that is, asking questions in pursuit of knowledge and lifelong learning.

I know that I know nothing.  – Socrates