Carlton Douglas, Class of 2021

My Love Will Live In A Romantic Dawn


open book icon, isolated on white background, vector Illustration

Living was never so calm.

That big, bright light brought warmth to this soul,

On a day it had no right to.

But in spite or inspired by it, 

This life might be worth living.

Love was the bright sunshine of this soul,

So this one could easily get too close and be burned.

In the end, love left this soul.

It was too dim to see the reasons, only the questions.

That was proof enough this soul was not sound, 

And it may never be…

But the day came in like a solo, and left like a symphony,

Bringing with it that big bright dawn!

Just seeing that light after such a long time, 

Would give warmth to every soul.

Let it be known, the light was never self love,

But an old friend in the new day.


Such a warm lovable light.

Things could’ve been different, and even great, but they aren’t, they won’t change. 

Every emotion you ever felt will stay in your life until you get to die!

For at least one moment in your life, the person, who you adore, loved you back and you are certain of that! 

And lastly, your first love does not have to be your only love.

Accepting all shines a sunlight on these dark brown eyes, 

But the light is just starting to shine, 

This soul won’t live in the light, not yet,

Still too new, still too bright. 

And yet there is no need to worry, 

Because in the end, my soul is starting to shine in harmony with the light.


Artist’s Statement: Letting yourself live with love again.