Anonymous, Class of 2021

The pride in me


open book icon, isolated on white background, vector Illustration

Wrapped in a flag like it was a coffin, a casket letting bodies rest

Wrapped in pride like chains 

weighing down your humanity and stripping away your rights 

Wearing your identity on your sleeve treated like a sin just for being 

Our love shoved aside, back into the closet where they say we belong 

Our allies are forced to hide, the one that keeps us strong 

We say now life is fair but the battle still rages on 

An invisible war no one will admit is going on 

A crisis in the community and out, suffering still rampant all about, we turn away our own kind to fight the fight for the other side 

We cry in silence, our fears comes into play, we’re oppressed more and more everyday 

We wish for a better world but never live to see it 

We fight for a better life but can’t ever keep it 

Wrapped in a rainbow flag like it was a coffin, fists  raised with teary eyes for long lasting protest, 

Our lives are statements our existence is debated, our rights are taken away like our humanity has faded

Wearing pride like chains, that weigh us down, expression determining how the world views us all around 

How we’re treated, what’s okay and what’s not 

What will pass by and what is a screaming cry  

A plea long ignored, but they’ve never seen us fight like this before 

Identities on our sleeves 

Flags waving high 

We’re filled with pride to the end but we still have to march for our lives.