Lillian Richardson, Class of 2021



open book icon, isolated on white background, vector Illustration

When my face turns red you can tell what I’m feeling
Information on the surface, ready for stealing
I keep to myself, I don’t like to open up.

I don’t want you to know with what i am dealing
The fact that it’s written all on my face makes me feel like some type of disgrace
If i can’t even keep how i feel a secret, i should say it all here so you can keep it.

I cry when I’m angry
And also when I’m sad
My accent changes when I get hella mad
I don’t like negativity, I used to deal with it badly
Now i turn to creativity, which is better… gladly
I get flustered quite easily
And can’t seem to talk
My mouth won’t move but my legs need to walk
Sometimes i get tongue tied and my heart starts to race
Which I’m sure is easy to see on my face