Janiah Burgess


flash fiction

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The doors of the shuttle opened. Breath taken, Harlequin Van BelleVista looked at the space shuttle. She took her first wobbly step onto the moon. She hadn’t been on the moon in years.

“Great job, BelleVista,” someone commented through her beeper. Tears welled up in her eyes. Happiness flowed through her body. Losing control, she jumped through the air, laughing uncontrollably. 

“I can’t believe I’m back. I haven’t been this weightless in years.” Harlequin screamed. “Oh, I’ve missed this.” She calmed herself down and brushed off her suit after losing it. “Now we can continue our experiments.” Harlequin felt a little guilty but didn’t really know why. The reason she had went back to Earth is because she had a little family incident and spent the last 5 years with family, especially her sister. 

“Harlequin, remember what we learned?” the voice said, getting stern.

“Of course,” she rolled her eyes. “Don’t pee in the space suit.” 

“No,” the person sighed. “How disappointing.”

“Sorry, Andy.” she sighed

“It’s fine,” Andy said. “Now what’s the correct answer?”

Harlequin sighed. “Plant the plants, make the fuel. If it works, dig the hole and plant the flag. Is that correct??” 

A smile crept across Harlequin’s face as a whooping sound came through the beeper. “I’m so proud of you, Harlequin.” Andy said.

“Thanks, Dad.” She smiled.