Carlton Douglas, Class of 2021

Farewell, My Paradise


open book icon, isolated on white background, vector Illustration

I’ll try to walk with you again and again,

But if you belong in this world, 

Why would any of this matter?

Seeing that smile, hearing that voice, feeling those hands, 

If I was not in this world, It’ll remind me a heaven. 

I can only remember that joyful face, with tears rolling down mine. 

But if I am only granted one moment, 

I will live in it, live in it, and believe in it,

In this unrealistic, unimaginative world. 

Alas, a lifetime is only a lifetime, 

But this dream is an eternity.

And yet, I’m still the fool, 

The fool still believing in it, willingly. 

But I do you have a wish 

To make this dream last a lifetime.


Artist’s Statement: Living in a dream that’s killing you.