Anonymous, Class of 2021

Just out of reach –


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I feel a wall getting higher and higher

And i am climbing and climbing

And there are weights pulling me down down

They’re are pulling and pulling

I am trying and trying

But i am to scared to fall without a sound

Not a change in the wind as i fall

This is  the feeling of  an epic demise

Without that last call

Is it too late to cancel my subscription

To my life that now has no definition

The paper reads: another failure at attention

Head high, chin up, with no emotion

Cut from the world hated with devotion

Seeking truth with no acception

Is the same as fleeing because of ur passion

Doesn’t make sense

You can’t stand there and believe

That you are equal, when clearly ur the tease

You fight for others rights

Oh please?!

You hide behind what you are told to ease

Never to pick a topic in sex, religion, or politics

God Forbid a women is seen as more than sex religion or politics

We are shamed for our bodies

We are shamed for our justification

We are shamed for our future

When i speak of the wall i climb

I speak not of the wall we are building to keep others out

I speak of the one that we as a nation must climb

Climb over the hate, the judgment, and anger

We have become the refugees of our nation

But We are not alone.