Sydney Dorsey, Class of 2024

A Knock at the Door

flash fiction

open book icon, isolated on white background, vector Illustration

She gets startled by thunderous pounding at her door. “Um, yes? Who is it! “She yells at the door. She got no response. “Why do people always do this?” She grumbles to herself as she got up off the couch. She walks up to the door and yanks it open preparing to scream at the person. But stops herself. She looks at the person standing in her doorway. They were extremely tall and were wearing a black cloak that covered their entire face.

Along with a scythe. “Um, who the heck are you?” She asks with an eyebrow raised. They don’t respond, just glance down at the clipboard in their hand. “Alyssa?” They ask. “Ya? What’s it to ya?” Alyssa counters with a Brooklyn accent while leaning against the door. “It’s time.” Is all they said before swinging the scythe towards me.

Alyssa jolts up from the couch, drenched in sweat. “Wow, just a dream.” She mumbles to herself. Just as she says that, she hears a knock at her door.