Lana El-Etr, Class of 2019

Looking Forward, Looking Back


open book icon, isolated on white background, vector Illustration

To all of my family for always being there, Loving me and giving me the utmost care. To all of my friends for having my back, Making sure that I stay on track. 

When I move forward, I see my future When I look back, I remember my past. One full of mystery, excitement, and hope, The other full of memories that I know will last. 

Although I might not have had the most friends, Or been the most outspoken, My friends always remained by my side, Our trust never, ever broken. 

With a heavy heart I must say goodbye, Close my eyes and try not to cry, Because this journey has left my head spinning, But deep down I know that it’s just the beginning.

Artist Statement:A summation of my high school experiences into a brief yet heartfelt poem.