Emily Sweetin, Class of 2023


short story

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The voice in your head is your only friend. The AI implant is your only ally. And she’s just started to become sentient…

“My only friend” I mumble “what’s that supposed to mean?”

I wonder what that could mean. I kept reading the article that someone sent to me. That someone is a bully. She likes making me do her work but sometimes I fail her on purpose. She keeps wanting me to have friends just so she can bully them.

“Pssht jerk” I throw my phone on my bed after ignoring the message that lit up my lock screen. “What’s the point of her even having my number”


I look over at my phone seeing who it’s from. 

“1 message sent from Ivy” 

I get back up and walk downstairs to find my mom cooking. “Honey, can you please help me?”

“Yes, mom”

Honey….that’s my nickname. I’ve had it ever since I was little. My mom likes to say that I’m sweet like honey. 

“What do you need help done?” I ask 

“Oh I just need you to peel the potatoes” she kindly says

“Okay, I will” I smile at her. 

My only friend” What’s that supposed to mean? Why can’t Ivy leave me alone? Like, throw me away like trash? I kept thinking. 

“Honey!!” mom yells

“Huh? Yes?”

“Are you okay?” she asks

As soon as she asked that I felt a sharp pain on my hand. A huge gash was on my hand. I kept peeling it until I hit my hand and I dug deep into my skin. A drop of blood hit the ground and everything went black.


I couldn’t tell where I was. I was in an empty void of blackness. I didn’t see anything for miles but I kept walking. Why am I here? Am I dead? I don’t think I bled out. It wasn’t that deep….was it? I started to think of the possible things about what happened. I got cut deep into my hand then everything went black. I could be dead. I could be alive but I passed out? What if this is a dream?

A bright light shined. It was getting brighter by the second. Am I dying?



“That hurt you know?” I said rubbing my cheek

“Sorry, Honey, you wouldn’t wake up” mom mutters, “I thought I lost you!”

She walks over to me and gets one of those medical tapes where they wrap it around your hand. My hand was hurting like crazy 

“This should stop the bleeding” mom carefully wraps it tight “Now go check your phone. It keeps ringing”

I roll my eyes and walk upstairs. I walk into my room to hear my phone ringing. Ivy…why won’t she leave me alone. I open up my phone to 100+ messages from Ivy. Just leave me alone Ivy. I don’t care. 



Ivy: Open your phone

Ivy: I’m going to call you

Ivy: Answer your phone

Ivy: Wren, open your phone

Wren: why can’t you just shut up and stop texting me

Ivy: Rude. I’m trying to help you and this is the respect I get 

Wren: Yeah like you’re helping me. All you want to do is to ruin my life

Ivy: your point?

Wren: Why can’t you go away and leave my supposed to be silent life alone?

Ivy: didn’t you want friends?

Wren: no not really

Ivy: you’re supposed to say yes

Wren: you don’t control my life


I hear a knock on my door. I look over and see my mom

“Have you texted that Ivy girl?” mom says

“I’m texting her right now” I roll my eyes “I hate her so much.”

“But she’s so nice! Wren, invite her over!” she had sparkles in her eyes

Why does my mom like Ivy? She’s a horrible person. She picks at me.


(not finished made by Emily Sweetin)