Carlton Douglas, Class of 2021

Bright, Bright Sunshine


open book icon, isolated on white background, vector Illustration

Two sweet then, too bitter now.

Oh how I long for that sweet in brace 

To take me away from here. 

Remaining only continue to torture,

And departing with tear of the soul,

So I was convinced to stay.

Because only in my memory, and even in my dreams, 

Does her smile still exist.

However, to bitter now. 

Too similar to distortion. 

The face I greeted me with such chastity 

Now chooses to ignore my presence. 

And yet, too sweet then. 

Too honest then. 

Whether delighted or disgusted, 

She was genuine.

So maybe I am the bitter one, 

Due to me, the weak, because 

If she smiled at me again, 

My heart will truly break. 

Now when I watch her read,

She takes my heartbeat away. 

Then when she confessed and confided in me, 

My heart still belongs to her.

For now, only regret takes hold, 

Reassuring her to say “Goodbye Bystander.”

So I can’t say anything, and yet I want to say everything! 

But more than that I need you to say something!

Though, even if any of this would happen, 

Would you listen to love, my sweet?


Artist’s Statement: Remember my love and how she treated me.