Lillian Richardson, Class of 2021

Drive to Write


open book icon, isolated on white background, vector Illustration

I don’t think I can write poems anymore
As soon as I try I just get bored
There’s nothing tying me down and making me write so I chose the easy way out and called it a night
Good night to the times when I couldn’t choose between cutting myself or writing down my news
This isn’t a bad thing- just a complication
But it keeps getting bigger, like multiplication
I’m holding on to what little drive I have left, but I’ll use it all here to make this one my best
I’m not signing off, I dont think im done yet
I WANT to keep writing, I love it to death
It’s been 4 months since i sat down and wrote
And wrote and wrote till my hand almost broke
I missed this feeling of absolute control
But if I like it so much, where did it go?

Artist’s Statement: It’s been a while since i wrote a poem so this one is about how i doubt my abilities.