Nikola Zglav, Class of 2024

The Age of Shadows

short story prologue

open book icon, isolated on white background, vector Illustration

“Too what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?” He asked melancholy with the notion of her visit.

“Why, to simply to deliver a message my dear.” She said with an almost dismayed tone. 

“Well, deliver the message you so desperately need to relay.” He responded 

“The message is this,” She held a small slip of paper, “The monsters have awoken, meet at pre-determined safe house, come alone, trust no one, protect the beacon at all  const. -2

“My God are you certain!?” His tone rising with every word.

“Indeed 7, I am sure he is certain… 9 and 5 have gone missing, but their last report was…-”

“Was what, Was WHAT!??”

“Was that they had found the umbra mundi” 

“GOD DA-!” There was a loud crash and a scream could be heard from down the hall,but was stopped as soon as it had been heard. The floor began to shake and a joyous laugh echoed into the room. 

“You go sir, I’ll hold him off until my last breath,”She whispered under her breath only loud enough for 7 to hear her.

“B, I can’t allow that to happen, he is too powerful for you to handle alone,” He responded.

Artist’s Statement: This piece has many different elements from tv shows and movies I have seen, I used these as inspiration to better myself as a writer and try to make this story as relevant as possible.