Ariaunna Few, Class of 2021

I needed you but you needed her


open book icon, isolated on white background, vector Illustration

I needed you but you needed her

you were the one that I wanted to hold close and dear 

you were my forever and she was your side but now it feels as if we are in a bind 

you poured your heart out to me and i did the same but now it seems as if I was to              blame 

Was it her body or her looks maybe i need to hit to the books 

I was never good enough and you made that clear 

from the fights to the lying I felt like i was dying 

for your love,your attention,your simple touch was enough to make me stay and still it was like we were drifting away

the moment i found out i was broken and now i feel awoken to a new life a new meaning and this is just the beginning 

of our relationship ending