Fisher Latham, class of 2019
America Land of the Free

Land of the free
The land that made you and me
The red, white, and blue
Who enjoy a good old fashioned barbeque
Where McDonald’s is the go to
But that is the portrait the government
Paints and portrays to you
In a lot of cases it’s do or die
And everytime I look around
I get chills and butterflies

As I,
Walk outside and see the tears of the pride
I realize this campus is bigger than u n’ I
We go bankrupt they say
We give America a black eye
I guess in God we trust right?
It’s just a journey for em
And we pay for the drive

Congress is a game and it’s pay to win
The next school gets shot
End result, Little Eric’s heart just stopped
Cause of the white guy’s assault
But NRA tells Congress not to pass restrictions
To me that’s a sin
Fake news tells us it’s a Muslim’s fault
I guess that’s the default response

Welcome to the new era of the reverse, Robin Hood
Now the government is, robbing the hood
Now as the raise taxes for em and tariffs
They really are only raising terror

Welcome to America
Land of the free
The land that made you and me
Which is full hope and oppressions
Chained by ropes with no questions
Cops confused by blank confessions
Society is confused by the suppressions
We are not a fool

All these tragedies
Tragically ending kids’ lives at school
Or minorities walking in the street
And when they hear a siren
They don’t know if this will be their final stroke they seek
Especially when you wake up and turn on the TV,
And see their defeat is described by a toe tag
At the end of their feet

Don’t forget the bombings,
Police can’t identify the victim’s face
Under the bed sheet
We all praying to meet a higher power
To finally shake it’s hand and greet
Until then we will get mad over a tweet
While some of us struggle to eat

Welcome to America
Land of the free
The land that made you and me

Open your eyes can you finally see?
Or is this the vision of America you only see on TV?
To you it’s just a movie in 3D
But are you playing your part?
Don’t mentally fall apart but,

To me, it’s one gun away from a shooting spree
To me, it’s one Trump tweet away from a world war guarantee
To me, it’s one life of debt for a bachelor’s degree
To me, it’s one social program away that will help prevent poverty
To me, it’s one raffle away from a rich man winning the lottery

It’s an oddity but look around
At the quality of equality
To me this is the reality
But this is the truth, here I’ll lock it
Give you the key, put it in your pocket
You can decide the destiny of this topic
Although this might be toxic
We only care about profits and prophets
After all it’s the land of the free
You have freedoms to disagree

Land of the free
The land that made you and me