I don’t even know just what I should do
Not every path will lead back to you
Most lead away, in a while different way
What’s the point that I’m walking to
Tell me something…
What’s the point of thinking of you
What’s the point of talking to you
It seems like the inverse of me
Will always turn out to be you
This pen that I write with is blue
And so are my feelings for you
To perfectly understand just what I’m going through
Look at the color of blue
Not like the sky on a clear day
It’s more like a blue with a gray
It’s the sound of your voice when you stop to say “hey” which is enough to potentially slay
You with all of your words
They hit like dis-coordinate chords
I’m stopped in my tracks
I’ve fallen through the cracks
And now we’re at broken accords
There was nothing I could’ve done to stop it
You hit me in the face like I’m bop it
I melted and someone had to mop it
From that day I knew there was no one who could top it
But it seems my luck has run out
You’ll find my hope stuck in the tile grout
With nothing left to scrape me out
Just leave me here so I can pout
And it seems you don’t actually matter
And I was madder than the mad hatter
My emotions make a rattle and clatter
I was laid out on top of a platter
For everyone to see
Just what you did to me
I was blind but I still don’t see
That I have paid a fee
A tax you faxed with the hacks of an axe
And X that checks for all of my wrecks
A clue that glues all of me to you
But I wish it wasn’t there
Wish I could pull my words from the air
So maybe I could spare an ounce of despair and leave without needing repairs