Hearts are fragile
Like dandelions in the wind
One blow and everything floats away
Hearts are left
Lonely to decay
They can be struck by lightning
Powered by love hate or fear
They can break
Leaving only your tears
But love is love
Wherever it may be
And yes it’s fragile
But it creates a more powerful force
Than combined both you and me

The Cherry Tree

Its limbs reach high
Touching the sun kissed sky
Petals, soft as silk
Bloom in the spring
The birds they sit, their humble home
In return they sing
Sweet as honeysuckle
A nice hello to everyone they know
The roots they venture far below
And in its whole
The cherry tree is a beautiful thing



In the sky
Up so high
Light the way
Until it’s day
Then away they hide


Little Blue Bird

Sitting atop a tree
On the highest branch
It builds its nest
A humble home
And in the spring
They beautifully sing
Looking for another
Below and above
Someone to love
Little bluebird atop its tree
Won’t you please sing down to me


Emotions are like rivers
Flowing from the heart
Tries to keep them in
But yet they still depart
A river ever changing, very rapidly
Emotions are like rivers
And rivers they are free


You sing of your love
With the heart of a dove
So careless and so free
Your face, kissed by the sun
Yet, if only the sun were me