Joshua Adams, class of 2023
Detective Ace

“You’ve done it again, Ace!” Will said.

“All in a day’s work of being a detective,” Ace responded.

It was a fall afternoon at Brixton Elementary School when Ace, the 4th grade school detective, wrapped up his latest case.

Ace was a blonde haired boy with light skin wearing a tan hat and coat. He was a straight A student with a bright personality. Will, Ace’s 4th grade buddy, was a brown haired boy with dark skin. He was super shy.The only friend he had was Ace because Ace was a fearless, good leader.

Ace had just found the culprit behind the mystery of the teacher’s missing purse. It turned out to be Bret, the school’s bad boy bully. Bret also had a sidekick named Jimmy. Together they ruled the school.

“You’ll pay for this, Ace!” Bret said gloomily just as he was going home for his fourteen-day suspension.

“I guess I’ll see you in two week suspension, Bret!” Ace taunted as Bret was carried away by Mr. Fletcher, the school’s principal.

“That was great, Ace. How’d you find out it was him?” Will questioned.

“Well… I just had to put a few clues together and they eventually led to him,” Ace responded.

“Cool. See you tomorrow.” Will said as he boarded his bus, and Ace hopped into his mother’s car.


Two weeks later, Ace walked up to the school and was bombarded by Bret’s henchman, Jimmy.

“You’ll pay for what you did to Bret!” he hollered.

“Yeah right! Justice never fails!” Ace laughed.

Jimmy grunted as he ran away. Just as he left Will walked up.

“What was that all about?” Will asked.

“Aw nothing. Just a threat from Jimmy,.” Ace responded.

“Oh no! He might come for us!” Will said, beads of sweat dripping from his forehead.
“Trust me. He won’t,” Ace reassured Will.

Both of the boys went to their lockers to get their books for the day. What was so cool about their lockers was that they were right next to each other. When Will opened his locker a small piece of paper fell out.

“What’s this?” Ace asked picking it up.

“Oh. That’s just the password to my new phone.” Will said pulling out the latest phone on the market.

“That’s yours!? You better put that in your locker before someone steals it!” Ace suggested.

“OK,” Will said. “I’ll put this piece of paper in my pocket.”

As Will and Ace were walking to class Jimmy accidentally fell on top of Will.

“Hey! What was that for!?” Will asked angrily.

“Sorry, Will. I didn’t mean it,” Jimmy said.

“It’s OK,” Will said, calming down.

“C’mon, Will. Let’s get to class.”

After a long day at school Ace and Will met back at their lockers to get everything they needed to go home.

“Oh no!” Will shouted.

“What’s wrong, Will?” Ace asked.

“My phone! It’s gone!”



Ace looked inside of Will’s locker and only saw a backpack full of books. He took everything out of his locker and searched it to the bone. When he was finished, he found a hairpin on the ground.

“Someone must have picked your locker with this.”

Bret walked up right beside the terrified duo.

“What’s wrong boys? Something missing?” Bret asked with a devilish smirk.

“You!” Will said accusingly pointing his finger towards Bret.

“Me!? I did nothing! I’m innocent!”

“Yeah, right!” Ace said defending his friend.

“OK, well, I gotta go so I’ll catch you tomorrow. Oh yeah … I hope you find your phone, Will,” Bret walked away smiling.

“Don’t worry, Will. We’ll get him,” Ace said determined.

“I don’t know, Ace. He may tell the teacher!” Will screamed.

“Just don’t worry about it. I’ll figure out a plan by tomorrow,” Ace said walking to his mother’s car.


“So, did you think of something?” Will asked.

“Yes, we’re going to catch him with the phone when a teacher’s around.”

“Great idea!”

“Look! Our math teacher is talking to Bret! I’ll call your phone on mine and it will ring!”

Ace dialed Will’s phone number. They waited and waited. Nothing ever rang while Bret was talking to the math teacher.

“Why didn’t it ring?” Will said scared.

“Maybe the phone is in his locker or on silent. Let’s get to class. I’ll try again at recess.”

As soon as recess started Will and Ace tried to find Bret so Ace could dial Will’s phone again.

“I’ll just dial it now then we’ll find him so he can get busted!” Ace chanted.

The two friends waited for the phone to ring but instead someone picked up! “Who are you?” the mysterious voice said.

“Here’s a better question. Who are you and why do you have Will’s phone?” Ace asked.
“You have paid the consequences of suspending someone you know well.”

“Bret! It’s you!” Will proclaimed.

“No! Just call me a stranger. You will never get this phone back until you apologize to Bret and be his personal slaves for one day!” the voice said.

“Never!” Ace shouted.

“Well I guess you can kiss this phone goodbye! Oh yeah! I almost forgot! If you get the teachers involved in this something may happen to your phone!”

“Your plan won’t work, Bret! Justice never fails!!!”

“We’ll see!” the voice hung up.

“Oh no! He’s gonna break my phone!” Will exclaimed.

“No, he won’t. He doesn’t have the guts.” Ace said. “We need to report this to someone tomorrow. I don’t care what Bret says. This is important.”

“Are you sure?”



The next day, Ace walked into the principal’s office. “Mr.Fletcher, I would like to report stolen property.”

“What is it?” the principal asked.

“It’s my friend’s…”

Jimmy walked in before Ace could finish his sentence.

“Principal! There’s a food fight in the cafeteria!” Jimmy shouted.

“Don’t worry. I’ll fix this right away! Sorry, Ace. I’ll have to discuss this matter at a later time. Don’t worry Jimmy! I’ll be right there!” The principal hurried down the hall to the school cafeteria.

Jimmy glared at Ace. “Don’t you dare peep a word about your friend’s phone, or else the phone will be split in half.” Jimmy held up his fist then walked away.

As Ace exited the principal’s office, Will was just walking up.

“Did you tell him?” Will asked.

“Jimmy walked in before I could say something.”


“Don’t worry. I’ll come back later and nothing will stand in my way!”

Later that day, Ace and Will were walking to their next class.

“Hey! Look at Jimmy’s locker! What’s this? It says pass… I can’t see the rest.” Ace detected.

“You think it spells password?” Will questioned.

“Maybe. I’m going to try to take it out without tearing it.”

“Hey! What are you doing by my locker?!” Jimmy raged.

“Are you trying to hide my password for Bret?” Will asked.

“No! It’s my password for my new phone. You’re not the only one with a new phone.

“Oh. OK. Sorry for accusing you.”

“It’s OK,” Jimmy smirked as Will and Ace walked away.

“Don’t worry. I’m going to find the culprit tomorrow. I gotta,” Ace said.

“OK. See you tomorrow.” Will said.


“We’re going to spy on Bret and Jimmy to see if they’re doing anything suspicious,” Ace instructed Will as they walked up the school stairs.

“Got it,” Will responded, “but let’s spy on Bret more because he’s the prime suspect.”

They spotted the suspects as soon as they entered the cafeteria. “I’ll get Bret and you get Jimmy,” Ace said.

It was no surprise Bret and Jimmy were sitting together but that made it hard to interrogate them both at the same time. Ace walked up first. “So Bret, you said you didn’t take Will’s phone or his password.”

“Yes, twerp! I’ve said that a billion times!

“So you wouldn’t mind me checking your pockets and walking with you to your locker?
“Yep. You won’t find anything in there.”

The teachers told all the students it was time to head for their lockers and get ready for class.

As the whole 4th grade rose to leave, Will walked up to Jimmy. “So Jimmy, you said you don’t have my phone or my password?

“Yes!!!” Jimmy said rolling his eyes.

“So you won’t mind me checking your pockets or walking with you to your locker?”

“Uh, uh, yeah. Hey! You’re asking me the same questions as your friend did! Are you doing something underhanded?”

“No! I was just curious.”

As Will walked to Jimmy’s locker Ace was already at Bret’s. “Hmmm nothing’s here like you said,” Ace said baffled.

“Told you. Now scram!”

Meanwhile, Will was at Jimmy’s locker still interrogating. When Jimmy opened up his locker a phone and paper fell out.

“Hey! Is that my…” before Will could finish his sentence Jimmy dashed away with the phone and piece of paper. “Ace! He’s making off with my phone and password!” Will exclaimed chasing Jimmy.

“I’m coming!” Ace said trailing Will.

Will gained on Jimmy and finally tackled him to the ground. He snatched the phone and paper from his hands. “Give me my stuff!” Will screamed with a huge frown on his intimidating face.

“It’s mine! You can see for yourself.”

“But that can’t be!” Will said almost in tears.

“See? Told you! That’s my phone and password!” Jimmy said picking up his backpack which was thrown to the floor. When he picked it up another phone and piece of paper fell out.

“Hey! That’s it! That’s my phone and password! I knew it!” Conveniently, Mr. Fletcher was watching the whole scene unfold.

“Looks like you’re getting a two-week suspension Jimmy.” Mr. Fletcher said as Jimmy screwed his face up.

“You’ll pay for this, Will!” Jimmy said angrily.

“Well you did it again, Ace.”

“With the help of my new deputy.”

“Aw, thanks.”

“Well that wraps this up!”

“See you tomorrow, Ace.” Will said.

“You too.” Ace replied.