Jada Mills
Good Morning

Mouth tasting as filled with copper
Warm blanket covers me with its jacuzzi-like temperature
My skin with its soft as a feather texture
I rise.

The arctic floor creaks as I walk across it
My nose inhales deeply
Chocolate rivers flow to warm and coat my lungs with sugar
The sun’s rays pour into my room,
Flowing into my eyes, to my brain, and making my mood as light as a cloud.
The heat from the spirit-filled rays of light, holds and cuddles me with its loving spirit.
I walk gracefully touching the rosewood-colored walls
My peaceful walk carries me throughout the day.
No one can affect my mood when I’m this way
I smile and grin all the day.
Until I rest at the end of the day
My mouth now tasting like dinner
I walk those once arctic now warm,
But still creaking floors
My jacuzzi-warm blanket now lays arctic-cold
I lay my head upon my cloud,
Close my eyes,
And once again
I fly.