Dahlia Carmichael, class of 2018
My baby, the world

He has the prettiest raven hair
And eyes that hold a million galaxies
The passion of a thousand suns
In those sweet eyes of his

His words paint a thousand pictures
Profoundly vibrant pictures
His mind holds the knowledge of the ancients
He is an Adonis
Perfectly and absolutely molded in every way
He is the fantastical stuff of fairy tales
The stuff of every dream that could ever be dreamt
He is all that this world has to offer rolled up into one amazing thing
He is time itself
Neither stopping nor speeding up for anything
Yet he has no time himself
No time to stop and smell the roses;
To see those who love him or
Look upon the beautiful environment that couldn’t even hold a candle to him.
He goes a million miles a second
No one can even get close enough to him
For they are forever chasing after him
He flies toward his ever so bright future
Leaving huge trails of dust and sweat in his wake
Everyone watches him with jealousy and awe
They think “Why him?” or “Why can’t I be like him?”
Some even resent him
It never gets to him though
My raven haired baby lives in his own perfect timeless little bubble
All that matters to him is the moment and his future
He has no interest in the mundane
He lives for absolute extremes and excitement
The morning sunrise; the calm sway of trees; the wind right before the storm.
He is the storm.
He is the king — the creator, even.
Nothing is stronger or prettier than him.
Within himself he holds the most powerful yet precious thing in the world.
The power to change anything about a human.
Even with just a smile or a simple glance at you
For you see … when he looks at you, even if it’s just a measly glance
You feel like the only thing in the world like there’s nothing else in existence except
You and him
In that moment you will for him hopelessly and irrevocably
There is nothing you will be able to do about it
All you will be able to do is look at him in absolute adoring awe
He will grin one of those oh-so-famous and charming smiles
With those smiles and simple glances you’ll slowly keep falling more and more in love with him
That’s just what he is though
He is everything anyone could ever want in a man and more
He is the perfect man;
The Adonis
The Ubermensch
The Dude.
He is the absolute best and after you meet him …
Nothing will ever be the same.
He is the hurricane and the eye of the storm.
He’ll leave a huge mess in his wake
One of you and one of everything around you.
Yet you won’t care
He is the calm and stability amidst the chaos
He’s absolute magic
When it comes to him …
Nothing is relative,
Everything is absolute.
But that’s just how it is with my baby
Because he is the world.